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Products and Applications
PET single / double-sided film hardening
  Optical display film hardening
  IMD hardened film
  Hardening membrane switch panel
  Hardening of the touch screen protection film
PVC hardened Series
  High light, solid matte paint film
  Matte film surface hardening
  High-ray hardening
PET film is easy then
  PET film is easy then
Paint protection film
  Paint protection film
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·About Us
Company professionally manufactures different kinds of photoelectricitypolymer film such as decorated sheet/coiled material dealed with surface hard coating or functionalization. The core of Research and development team is constituted by professor and Doctor as well as senior engineer.Company insist self-dependent innovation. Company has successfully researched and developed PET hard coating film and PET printable film and others innovative products such as PVC harden anti-scratch sheet and PVC solid state coating sheet.Company products are widely applied to touch screen ITO film and protective film and printing film switch panel and instrument and meter window and mobile phone and home appliance IMD film and other kinds of decorative material?..
Optical display fi..
IMD hardened film
Hardening membrane..
Hardening of the t..
High light, solid ..
Matte film surface..
High-ray hardening
PET film is easy t..
Paint protection f..
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